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Rediscovered Amakusa peculiar "history", "culture" and "nature", and the like, I will utilization in business, etc.. Utilizing the mass media such as the Internet or, they disseminate information to the whole world.

Representative: Junko Kaneko (Nursery)
Adviser:Kaneko Animal Hospital
Director: Hideko Takemoto (Narrator = High School Teacher)
Director: Hiroaki Kaneko (DP/Filmmaker = Amakusa TV)
("Goat Eco Project" "Underwater Rickshaw" project leader)
Director: Yoko Nishikido (Chief Editor = Impress R & D)
Director: Hideya Matsunaga (Engineer = Aquamarine Matsunaga)
Director: Keiji Sasaki (Programming = Amakusa Kosan)
Director: Hironori Tsuruno (Engineer = Honda Cars Kumamoto)
Director: Ryo Yodogawa (Engineer = Honda Cars Kumamoto)

April 1, 2014

2197 Hirose Hondo Mati Amakusa City Kumamoto 863-0001 , Japan.
Amakusa Design Project(AmakusaTV)

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Projects: Amakusa Design Project

Goat Eco Project(2014- )

Changes to manpower, and weeding mitigation goats, attempt of a new business by goat domestication.
In such a worn-out farm, then weeding using the goat, "goat Eco Project" began in Amakusa, Kumamoto City, in an attempt to take advantage of, such as wild boar measures. June 19, 2014, for the first time, three goats are grazing in the field at the Hondo-town roots Motegi district.
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Underwater Rickshaw(2014- )

Reproduced in the last 100 years! Underwater rickshaw running flats
In order to reproduce in the last 100 years Amakusa specialties who played in the Meiji era rare even in Japan "underwater rickshaw", to carry out research historical background and history, transportation history, such as clothing history. In addition, repair the existing rickshaw, photographed by a digital film. I produce a PR video.
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