Cooking Starfish In Japan

  Starfish is considered an edible delicacy in Amakusa Japan.
How to cooking?

It tastes like・・・
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Ursie Tsuru-chan nibbles on a starfish.

"When Tsuru-chan takes on a challenge, she throws herself into it body and soul.For a clip about edible starfish, for example, she bravely bit into one fresh from the sea.

"It was kind of hard--couldn't eat it," she says in her distinctive local dialect. "Once you boil it, though, it tastes like sea urchin." (IHT/Asahi: September 12,2008)

(Stars of internet brodcaster Amakusa TV,Tsuru-chan=Age 87)
Ursie Announcer And Reporter By Ursala McCormick

(Stars of internet brodcaster Amakusa TV,Ursie=Age 24 From U.S.)
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